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Monthly Archives: December 2010

Hi everyone,

It has been ages since my last blog entry, and I feel it’s about time for me to post a new one!

I mentioned this past September that I had been thinking about going to Taiji this season to document the dolphin drive hunts.  So much have happened since then.  On my way to check out the site in Phoenix for the Dolphin Day protest last October, the engine in my vehicle broke down completely.  I was told that it needed to be replaced.  I ended up spending almost 8000 dollars for the new engine, starter, coolant container, and the upholstery of the driver’s seat.  I keep thinking that some or all of the money could have been used for the trip to Japan.

Even if I had *that* money, I still have not been able to overcome the deep reservations about being at the Cove.  When I first learned about the Cove Guardian campaign set up by the SSCS, I figured that my presence, as well as that of others, would keep the dolphin killers from going out to the open sea to get the dolphins and slaughter them.  I could not have been more wrong!

Since slaughters of wild cetaceans remain legal in Japan, it is quite impossible for any one of us to do anything to help save the lives of the dolphins without breaking the law.  Besides, I would find it quite impossible to stand there and watch the dolphin murderers tear up dolphin families and kill so many members while capturing others for the sake of entertainment.  According to the SSCS, each Cove Guardian needs to practice complete restraint and not show too much emotion at the Cove.  Since I have never watched the movie The Cove and watched only a few videos through the SSCS site, I cannot imagine myself not feeling or experiencing anything during the slaughters.  Reading the details from the reports and blogs is enough to upset and anger me!

I have been responding to the slaughters by writing letters to the Japanese embassies/consulates and the fishery office in Japan.  All of my letters are posted on my Facebook for all to read.  Since the embassies, consulates, and fishery office receive a barrage of phone calls, e-mails, faxes, and letters from all over the world, how can anybody possibly read all of my letters?  Because of my profound deafness, writing does not come very easily for me.  Writing letters regarding the slaughters and captures requires a great deal of thought and is quite time-consuming.  I have already done a great deal on Facebook by sharing news and posting comments, messages, and letters.  Yet, I feel so overlooked by the majority of my Facebook friends.  I feel that I have tried hard to communicate with so many people, and I cannot help but it bothers me a great deal that I have done so much but not getting much for all my efforts.  I must admit that my writing letters to the Japanese officials is like banging my body against unlocked doors that won’t budge.  I feel as if I am going in circles as well.

The intense pressure from all over the world is being felt by the dolphin murderers.  This causes them to come up with new ways of killing the dolphins while changing their tactics so that the slaughters could continue.  I very strongly believe that the killers are taking their belligerence out on the most innocent, defenseless dolphins because the pressure has been too great for them.

I was very deeply saddened to hear about the twenty or so bottle-nose dolphins – including the mom-calf pairs – being slaughtered yesterday.  It seems that whenever a pod is being driven into the Cove, the ‘slower swimmers’, including the mothers and their little ones, are not so lucky while the ‘fast swimmers’ are able to break away and swim away as fast as possible.  I have noticed this pattern, since the ones driven into the Cove to be killed include the young ones and the adults that look after them.

While I am still committed to helping stop the atrocities, I feel that my doing the same thing that so many others have done is not really making much difference.  Like I said, I still feel quite unnoticed and unappreciated for all I have done.  There’s got to be other avenues to help stop the atrocities.  I will have to step back and think about what I could do differently to help.  I feel so incredibly frustrated both ways – writing bunch of letters that are not being read by anybody and having deep reservations about being at the Cove.

I am very deeply concerned about Japan continuing to pilfer the oceans so relentlessly and recklessly, as well as its most antiqued mindset about taking the lives of so many living beings – the whales, the dolphins, the porpoises, huge schools of tuna, and a large assortment of fish.  Not only that, but Japan would hire fishermen to grab huge schools of tuna from overseas and bribe developing countries by buying their votes at the IWC meetings.  To sum it up, Japan seems to be the only country that has to have its way with everything!

I do not know what to do at this point.  It seems that people at the Cove have been getting all the attention, but what about the rest of us from here that are doing as much as they have?  Do I have to be at the Cove to make a real difference?

I am just very concerned about the pressure getting to the murderers that would make them want to do more and more to harm wild cetaceans, not the other way around.  How come the porpoise slaughters have not been getting the attention that the dolphin and whale slaughters have?  As far as dolphins are concerned, the dolphin drive hunts are very closely linked with the captivity industry.  But large whales do not get caught for the public display facilities.  I just don’t get it since I am looking at the big picture – that is, Japan being so greedy about the oceans and its most precious inhabitants!

I know this is rather lengthy, but I truly need to get it off my chest as to what’s been bothering me for quite sometime.  I really appreciate your taking the time to read this, as well as your understanding and sensitivity.