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Hi everyone,

It is with very deep sadness that I share the news about the most recent slaughter in Taiji.  The most precious lives of about 14 Risso’s dolphins had been taken away by the most sadistic fishermen.  Because of the outcry from people at the Cove about the mothers with their little ones, the fishermen decided to let loose 6 young ones so that they could fend for themselves.  These fishermen are so downright heartless that they do not even appreciate the outcome of the little ones living by themselves without their beloved mothers to watch over them and other adults to teach them the way of life in the open sea!

I am going through a lot of emotions right now – from deep sadness and great pain to extreme anger and great stress! I’ve been keeping up with absolutely everything that’s going on in Taiji through Scott West’s reports and his daughter’s blog entries.  The links are as follows:

I am so thankful that so many of us are doing our part to help abolish the dolphin slaughter altogether, regardless of our being here or in Taiji.  Each one of us can make a huge difference through our own efforts!  As many of you are aware, the upcoming international protest on behalf of the dolphins will be this Thursday, the 14th of October.  The link is as follows:

I am pleased to let all of you know that I will participate in the protest that will be held in downtown Phoenix.  We will demonstrate our devotion to our beloved brothers and sisters of the sea – the whales, dolphins, and porpoises – through our written messages.  The four large poster signs that I created are now complete and have already been laminated so that they can be used again in future protests and educational endeavours.  If somebody throws an egg to one of my signs, all I will have to do is wipe it off with a wet towelette!

Since some of you would want to know what my signs are like, I will list the following in detail:

Sign #1:

REASONS we NEED to save the Dolphins:

1. They are extremely intelligent!

2. They are highly sociable!

3. They are quite sentient!

4. They are self-aware!

5. They are mammals like us!!

6. They are slow to reproduce!

7. They are considered “non-human persons”!

Sign #2:

We deeply oppose the following:

1. Dolphin Drive Hunts!

2. Coastal and Deep Sea Whaling!

3. Illegal Slaughters!

4. All kinds of human threats that pose harm to wild cetaceans and their oceanic environments!

Sign #3:

You will help the wild cetaceans by doing the following:

1. Boycott $ea World and other captive facilities!

2. Spread the word about the plights of wild cetaceans!

3. Sign petitions and write to the government officials!

4. Participate in campaigns and protests!

5. Donate time and funds to organizations that work with wild cetaceans!!

Sign #4:

Our Brothers and Sisters of the Sea:

* Whales, Dolphins, and Porpoises

* Please do leave them alone!

* Please let them live in peace in their oceanic environments!!

* They deserve to live like all of us do!!

* If we love them, we should do everything possible to save them!!

Even though some of the words in my signs have been underlined, this does not have an underline where I can show the words that have already been underlined.  I wrote out the above words on swaths of white paper and posted them on black poster boards using double-stick tape.  I am hoping that I will have someone photograph my signs so that I can upload them here for all of you to see.

Before I post this, I would very much like to encourage many of you to get involved in the on-going fight against whaling, dolphin drive hunts, illegal slaughters, and various human threats by participating in activities, including the international protest, that would benefit the wild cetaceans in the long run.  Our beloved brothers and sisters of the sea truly need our help, and we can all be the ‘voice’ for these beautiful creatures!

Continuing to stand up for all wild cetaceans,



One Comment

  1. From one Activist to another, I applaud your efforts. Although my activism lately is centered around illegal drug use, I’m a big fan of Whale Wars and protecting dolphins. The Cove was a horrific and eye opening documentary. The killing has to stop.

    If there is anything I can do to help, please let me know.

    Linda Taylor

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